Can I filter my catalog by artist, release date, album, label, ISRC, UPC, BPM, or length?

If you're reading this, that means that you're already a little familiar with searching your catalog. If you're not, you can get started by clicking here.

To open the advanced search, click the More search options link from the search menu or click the icon to the right in the search bar.


The advanced search feature allows you to filter your catalog by various attributes including recording attributes. You can select multiple recording attributes to filter by if you'd like.

1. You can filter your catalog by a recording attribute by selecting an attribute from the dropdown menu and entering text in the corresponding field.


2.  You can filter by multiple attributes if you'd like. To add another attribute, just click the plus button in the Recording attributes section.


3.  Once you've added all the recording attributes that you want to filter your catalog by, click the Search Everywhere button.

Note: This can be done in the local search and the global search. To learn more click here.

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