What does it mean to give someone “Can Edit” access?

Giving someone “Can Edit” access allows the person to see the asset and it’s contents, and have edit permissions. 

Here’s some more details for specific assets:


  • Edit Members of pitches are able to edit or delete a pitch they didn’t create.
  • Edit Members of songs or catalogs are allowed to create a pitch for the song or catalog.
  • Note: Pitching is only available for Creator or Business users. To learn about upgrading your account, click here.


Edit Members of a catalog are allowed to:

  • Create a catalog
  • Update the catalog
  • Delete the catalog
  • Leave the catalog at the point of sharing to not affect the owners catalog
  • Remove entities(songs, files, recordings, etc) from the catalog
  • Add entities(songs, files, recordings, etc) to the catalog


Edit Members of a song are allowed to:

  • Update song.
  • Delete song
  • Edit publishing information.
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