How to set up your catalog with custom column headers

Selecting catalog headers

You can customize your catalog page with any column that you want. The columns you pick will remain on your account until you decide to change them. So once you set your columns, you'll never have to do it again.

You can set custom columns by clicking the Customize Display button.

After clicking the Customize Display button, a menu appears that lets you choose what columns you would like to have appear in your catalog. To choose a column, click the checkbox beside the category you'd like to include.


Here's a list of columns that you can choose from:

  • Default Order (always displayed)
  • Title (always displayed)
  • Writers
  • Rating
  • Artist
  • Pitch statuses
  • Date modified
  • Creation date
  • Date added
  • Release date
  • ISRC
  • UPC
  • Album
  • Tags
  • Lyrics
  • Genres
  • Comments
  • Description
  • Notes
  • Label
  • Visibility

Customizing the order

You can also choose the order in which your chosen column headers appear in your catalog. Just click the drag handle to the right of the column that you'd like to move and simply drag & drop it into the spot you want it to appear.


Note: Custom columns only apply to the Songs tab of your catalog. You have different options for the Recordings tab. The Files tab columns are locked.

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