Understanding your activity feed

Depending on your settings, your activity feed will contain notification events from your catalog events and network events. To learn more about controlling which events appear in your activity feed, click here.

In your catalog, you'll see a bell icon in your toolbar. When you have new notifications, you will see a number reflecting how many new notifications you have.


Click that icon to see the notifications drawer where you can perform a few different actions.

  • If you've been shared on an asset, you will be able to click on that asset.
  • You can also mark individual or all notifications as seen so you're not alerted anymore. 
  • You can click the settings wheel icon to update your notifications settings.
  • You can click View all activity to go see you're entire list of notifications from the past 90 days.

While viewing all activity, you can choose what events you want to see by clicking the checkbox beside the options.


You can filter your activity feed events by: Catalog, Pitching, and Network.



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