How do I set a status on a pitched song?

You now have the option to apply a status to a pitched song. The statuses that can be applied are:

  • None
  • Pass
  • Copy
  • Hold
  • Cut
  • Canned
  • Released
  • License request

You can set the status for a pitched song by following these steps:

1) Go to your Pitch Log.


2) Locate the pitch that you'd like to edit and right-click it. Then select Edit pitch.


3) In the pitch edit modal that opens, click the more button next to a song and click Set status.


4) Now you will see a list of statuses that you can apply to your song.


5) Click the status that you wish to apply and the corresponding color will appear next to the song.


6) Make sure to click the Save button in the top right corner of the modal to save your changes.

Note: The status that you set and save for a song only applies to the specific pitch being edited.

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