Can I see what pitches a specific song is associated with?

To see what pitches a song is associated with you can click the status of a song in the catalog view or just view the Pitching tab of the song project.

View associated pitches via catalog page

You can customize your catalog view to include pitch statuses as a column header. To learn about customizing your catalog view, click here.

Once you've got your catalog set up to include pitch statuses as a column header, simply click the status(es) to see what pitches the song is associated with.  


This will take you to your pitch log where you will see a list of all associated pitches.


View associated pitches from song project

Open a song project by double clicking the song or clicking the song title in your catalog.

Now that you're in the song project, you can click the Pitching tab to see all of the pitches that the song is associated with.


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