Getting started

Signing Up

Songspace is a collaborative network that helps music professionals, artists, and songwriters work together to manage and share songs and projects. It's accessible on most popular desktop browsers and on mobile devices as an iOS and Android app.

The quickest way to sign up is at Click the Sign Up Free button in the top right of your screen to start the process.


When entering your information, you’ll most likely want to use your real, full name and you’ll definitely want to sign up with the email that you use most often when sharing and/or working on your music. Songspace is a place to collaborate with other musicians and professionals. Using your full name makes it easier for people to find you and ensures that you will be properly credited on any future projects featuring your contributions. 

After creating an account, you can select your primary roles so that we can tailor Songspace to your needs. For example, if you select Songwriter, you'll be automatically credited on any songs you create. You might check all of the options - that’s okay.

You can read more about different subscription options here

Creating & Sharing Songs 

Song projects are an incredibly useful, collaborative way to archive recordings, lyrics, files, credits, and other song-related information. Your Songspace catalog includes songs that you create, as well as those shared with you.

To learn more about creating & sharing songs, click here.

Creating & Sharing Playlist Folders

Playlist folders give you the ability to organize your songs. These playlists not only help you manage your catalog, but they also serve as playlists that you can pitch and share.

To learn more about creating & sharing playlist folders, click here.

Using Songspace Mobile

The Songspace mobile app allows you to use most of the features of Songspace. The mobile app also has a recording device. You can search for "Songspace" in the iOS or Android app stores. 

For more information on the mobile app, click here.

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