Adding additional songs to your subscription

This feature requires Business user administrator access. To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.


Business plans include an allotment of 250 songs per user, but this total is shared across your team, and there is no individual cap per user. For instance, a subscription with 5 users starts with an allotment of 1250 songs. If one user uploads 1000 songs, there will still be 250 remaining across the team.

Each user you add to your subscription will add 250 more songs to your team's total. 

Increasing your song allotment without adding new users

You can add songs to your subscription without adding new users. These additional songs can be added in increments of 50 (minimum 250) at a monthly rate of $0.02 per song.

Here's how: 

1. From the Admin Panel, click the Add Songs button to open the modal.


2. Choose the amount of songs that you want to add to your subscription in increments of 50 (minimum 250).


You’ll see your current subscription amount, the prorated total that you’ll be billed for the additional songs, as well as the adjusted recurring amount for your subscription when your billing cycle renews.

3. Click Add Songs, and your subscription will be upgraded to reflect the changes.

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