Adding and managing your Business subscription's users

This feature requires Business user administrator access. To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.

Users are the active Songspace accounts under your subscription. This article explains how to add new users and manage existing ones.

The basics

In the Admin Panel, you’ll see the User Accounts listed that are a part of your Business subscription, as well as their email address, subscription role, number of songs that they own, and their storage usage.


To the right of each user, you’ll see a gear icon which reveals a path to log in to the account and “impersonate” the user and a way to delete the user, which will remove them from your plan.


Adding new users

To add a new user, click the +Add User button in the Admin Panel.


This will open the add user view. Enter an email address and select an account role for the user. Learn more what the different roles mean and how they work here.


Then click Invite.

The person will receive a notification and / or email invitation to join your team. Make sure they click the link in the email and follow the instructions to either set up and personalize their account or simply join your team by clicking Learn More in the green bar that will appear at the top of their screen when they log into their existing account.

Your invitee displays as “pending” until they create an account or accept the invite, and if you change your mind, you can always revoke the invite.


If the invited user is a Team Member or Administrator, the next step is for you to set their team catalog access, so they can get to your team’s music.

If they're an artist, you might want to invite them to a shared playlist folder so it’s easy for them to share their songs with you.

User Preventions

Owners and Admins have access to all subscriptions assets and can manage other user accounts.


Team Members can join team catalogs but cannot manage user accounts. Restrictions are optional for Team Members. You can prevent access to team pitch management and prevent editing of publishing information. If you would like a Team Member to have company wide access, you can click the checkbox to change it to see everyone's pitches.


Artists cannot be added to team catalogs or given access to the global pitch log. You can prevent Artists from editing publishing information. If you would like an Artist to see the all pitches company wide, you need to change their user role.



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