Adding members and managing access to catalogs

This feature requires Business user administrator access.  To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.

Once you’ve created a team catalog, the next step is to decide who gets access as a catalog member. When a user is a member of a team catalog, it displays in their catalog home menu:

What exactly a user can do with that team catalog access depends on whether they’re an Admin or a Team Member. You can learn more about how these account roles differ here.

Adding a member to a team catalog

To add a member to a catalog, first go to the Admin Panel.


Scroll down to the Team Catalogs section and hover over the gear icon next to a team catalog. Click Manage Access in the dropdown.

This will open the member settings modal for this catalog. You’ll see a list of your organization’s Team Members and Admins. Artists cannot be granted access to team catalogs.

To grant access to someone, simply check the box next to their name and then click Save. Their level of access to the catalog will depend on their account role

Note: In order to add a guest member to your catalog, the user must be connected to you AND must be part of a business subscription.

Pitch history access

Once you add a user as a catalog member, you’ll notice an additional option, Allow team pitch history access.

Each catalog has a pitch history; a list of pitch events related to that catalog's songs. You may want a specific user to have access to the music, but not the catalog pitch history.

In other words, when you add someone as a catalog member, you can also set whether or not they will be able to see pitch events from that catalog in their Pitching view, shown below. 


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