Pitching in Songspace

Pitching in Songspace is an advanced, customizable way of sharing your music catalog.

With pitching, you can:

  • Track views, plays, and downloads for each pitch
  • Create a pitch record with song status and project and recipient information
    • Filter your pitch history by specific songs, songwriters, recipients, dates, and more
    • Export pitch history reports
    • View and manage pitches within your team
  • Create custom pitch playlists without affecting catalog organization

Pitching is available to users with Creator or Business subscriptions. You can also share music without tracking or customization with a Share Link. 

A Create a pitch 

1. Select assets

Select the items you’d like to pitch and click any of the following buttons to create a pitch:

1. Pitch from playlist

2. Pitch from selected items

3. Pitch from single item menu (right-click)

Note: Recordings can only be pitched via songs

Metadata values are derived from the composition - at this time recordings cannot be added to a pitch unless they’re included on a song project


2. Enter basic information and settings

Select the type of pitch

Select ‘In-person pitch’ to create a record of a pitch that was not presented via a link. In-person pitches can be customized but do not generate a link.

If you selected a playlist, other settings are available. Learn more about pitching playlists here.

You can also associate the pitch to a new or existing Project - click here to learn more.


3. Create or customize

1. Select 'Create & get link' to create the pitch link without further edits

2. Select 'Customize' or 'Preview' to open the pitch edit drawer and continue editing

inset_-_pitchsuccess-MD.jpg inset_-_pitchedit-A-MD.jpg

A Basic Pitch Customization 

Select ‘Customize’ or 'Preview' from the pitch dialog to continue making changes to your new pitch.

Edit an existing pitch by double-clicking the pitch in your Pitch Log or selecting Edit pitch from the right-click menu.


Add items from catalog to an open pitch

1. Add a single song or file - drag the item onto the pitch or right-click the item and select ‘Add to pitch'

2. Add a playlist folder - drag the playlist folder onto the pitch or select the ‘Add to pitch’ icon from the playlist toolbar

3. Add multiple songs or files - select and drag the items onto the pitch or select ‘Add to pitch’ from the toolbar

Note: Recordings can only be pitched via songs


Remove items from a pitch

Remove songs, folders and files from a pitch by opening the "more" menu and selecting Remove from pitch


Song Customization

When a song is added to a pitch, a snapshot is taken. This snapshot allows song attributes to be edited without impacting other pitches or the song project itself.

1. Song menu

2. Song customization - Recordings


Note: For each song to be customized within a pitch, the relationship to the catalog is broken. Any updates to song projects will not be reflected in pitches.

To update a song with a more recent version from your catalog, remove the outdated version of the song, then add the newer version of the song. Save your changes and they will be reflected on the same link.


A Pitch management

Read about your Pitch Log and learn how to search your pitch history, export pitch history reports, and manage pitches within your team.

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