How do I import contacts from a CSV file?

You can upload contacts in bulk to your network from a CSV file. A CSV file is a spreadsheet that contains your contacts’ information in separate columns that can be recognized and matched on import.

Songspace currently supports a basic CSV format that can recognize First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Any other included fields will be ignored.

Make sure to include the column titles, as that’s what indicates what to upload.

You can download an example template attached at the bottom of this article for reference.

Songspace supports CSV formats that are exportable from most popular email services. Click the links below for a how-to.



Outlook (online)

Outlook (application)

Once you’ve downloaded your CSV file, go to your Network and click the Add Contact button.

Then click Import CSV, upload your file, and choose which contacts you'd like to import to your Songspace network. 

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