Understanding user account roles & permissions

Every Business user that’s part of a subscription has an account role of either Owner, Admin, Team Member, or Artist. Each role comes with different permissions and access.



  • Can update billing details and subscription settings.
  • Can delete the organization from Songspace.
  • Has all administrator permissions.
  • Has access to everyone's pitches in the company.


  • Cannot update billing details or change subscription settings. 
  • Cannot impersonate or change permissions settings of the subscription owner.
  • Can create new team catalogs and manage who gets access. 
  • Can create or invite new users to the organization.
  • Can impersonate other users from the admin panel.
  • Can create and delete songs and playlist folders from team catalogs.
  • Has access to everyone's pitches in the company by default. (This setting can be changed)

Team Members

  • Cannot create or manage access to team catalogs.
  • Cannot change other user account roles.
  • Cannot delete existing songs and playlists from team catalogs.
  • Can pitch songs and playlists from team catalogs. 
  • Can be granted access to team catalogs by administrators. 
  • Cannot create new songs and playlists within team catalogs. 
  • Can add songs from team catalogs into their own private playlist folders.
  • Can have access to everyone's pitches in the company or only their own pitches depending on user settings.
  • Can have access to publishing information depending on user settings.


  • Can create private ideas, which are not accessible if the account is being impersonated.
  • Can contribute songs to team catalogs through shared playlist folders.
  • Does not have access to pitch history.
  • Cannot be granted access to team catalogs.

To learn more about managing user account roles, see Adding and managing your subscription's users.

To learn more about upgrading to a Business account, click here.

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