Creating & deleting team catalogs

This feature requires Business user administrator access.  To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.

Catalogs are the top level of song organization in Songspace. While every Songspace user has their own My Songs catalog, business subscriptions come with the option of creating additional team catalogs, which can be managed collectively by team members (or guests) who have access.

In the Admin Panel below User Accounts, you’ll see a list of team catalogs you've created. 

As an administrator, you can create new team catalogs and manage which members of your organization have access to them.

Creating a new team catalog

To create a new team catalog, click the + Add Catalog button in the Admin Panel.

This will open the create catalog view. Type in a name your new catalog.

As the creator you will automatically be added as a member with access. If you don’t want the catalog to show up in your catalog home menu, deselect the checkbox. You can always change this setting later.

Click Add to Team Catalogs and your new catalog will be created.

Creating a team catalog from a user in your organization

You can also create a team catalog from any user in your organization. This makes the user’s default ‘My Songs’ catalog shareable across your team. While this path is less common, there may be instances for you where it makes the most sense. You might have an artist who has already uploaded their catalog to Songspace, etc.

To do so, from the create catalog view click create a team catalog from a user in your organization.

Then select the user from your the list of your organization's members.

Click Add to Team Catalogs and your the user’s catalog will be added to your list of team catalogs, marked with a user icon.

Once you’ve created a team catalog, the next step is to decide who gets access.


Deleting a team catalog

From the Admin Panel, click the gear settings icon next to the team catalog that you wish to delete. When the drop-down menu appears, click "Delete Team Catalog".

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