How to create a tracked pitch link for a playlist or a song

Every tracked Songspace pitch has a unique URL that logs views, plays, and downloads. 

Those stats and the pitch attributes you enter can be searched and filtered in the pitch log

This feature requires either a Creator or Business subscription. To learn more about a Creator or Business subscription, click here.

A Create a pitch from catalog assets

Create a pitch from a playlist folder

You don't need to create a folder in catalog to pitch a playlist. However, if you'd like to base a pitch on an existing folder you can do so from the folder toolbar. 


A dialog will pop up with several settings and fields. When creating pitches from folders, there are a couple playlist-specific settings to understand. 


1. Include sub-folders
Turn this setting on if you want the pitch to automatically copy any subfolders during creation. Once the pitch is created, folders have to be managed manually.

2. Include files
Turn this setting on if you want to include non-recording files in the pitch. This includes images, text documents, and PDFs. Once the pitch is created, these files must be added and removed manually.

Create a pitch from selected songs

Quickly create a playlist by selecting one or more songs in catalog and clicking the 'Create pitch' action in the list toolbar. 


Create a pitch from a single song

To pitch a single song, right-click the song in catalog and select 'Pitch song…' from the menu.



You can also pitch a song from the song project toolbar



B Tracked pitch settings 

Each pitch action will display a settings dialog where basic settings can be applied to your new pitch.


C Create or customize

After you've applied the necessary settings, you can continue customization or create the link. 

inset_-_pitchsuccess-LG.jpg inset_-_pitchedit-A-LG.jpg

1. Select 'Create & get link' to create the pitch without further edits

2. Select 'Customize' or 'Preview' to open the pitch edit drawer and continue working

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