How to create a tracked pitch link for a playlist or a song

Every tracked Songspace pitch has a unique URL that logs views, plays, and downloads. 

Those stats and the pitch attributes you enter can be searched and filtered in the pitch log

This feature requires either a Creator or Business subscription. To learn more about a Creator or Business subscription, click here.

A Create a pitch from catalog assets

Create a pitch from a playlist folder

You no longer need to create a playlist folder in your catalog to pitch multiple songs. However, if you'd like to base a pitch on an existing folder, you can do so from the folder toolbar. 


A dialog will pop up with several settings and fields. When creating pitches from folders, there are a couple playlist-specific settings to understand. 


1. Include sub-folders
Turn this setting on if you want the pitch to include any sub-folders. Once the pitch is created, folders have to be managed manually.

2. Include files
Turn this setting on if you want to include non-audio files in the pitch. This includes images, text documents, and PDFs. Once the pitch is created, these files must be added and removed manually.

Create a pitch from selected songs

Quickly create a pitch containing multiple songs by command+clicking multiple songs in your catalog and clicking the Pitch songs... action in the toolbar. 


Create a pitch from a single song

To pitch a single song, right-click the song in catalog and select Pitch song… from the menu.


You can also pitch a song from the song project toolbar.



B Tracked pitch settings 

Each pitch action will display a settings dialog where basic settings can be applied to your new pitch. Learn more about those settings below.


C Create or customize

After you've applied the necessary settings and created the link, you can continue customization or copy the link and send it out.



1. Select 'Create & get link' to create the pitch without further edits.

2. Select 'Customize' or 'Preview' to open the pitch edit modal and continue working.

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