Managing your pitch log

The Songspace pitch log is a central location for all of your created pitches. Business team admins can view and manage pitches created by all subscription members. 

In the pitch log, you can:

  • Search your pitch history for specific songs, songwriters, recipients, dates, and more
  • Export pitch history reports based on search results
  • View the status of individual songs relative to each pitch
  • Edit existing pitches

The pitch log is available to Creator and Business users only.

AThe pitch log view 

View your pitch log as a list of pitches or a list of pitched songs. Each tab offers filtering options, the ability to export, and a path to pitch editing.  


1. Tab between a list of pitches or a list of all of your songs and their performance across all associated pitches.

2. The toolbar contains the search box, status filter, export action, custom column options, and the select all button.

3. The sidebar provides a quick path to all team pitches (owners & admins only), your pitches, and pitches filtered by month and year.


ASearching and filtering 

Use the content toolbar to search and filter the current list.


1. Enter your search in the search box. Your query will be searched for in all pitch attributes. You can also use advanced search options in this modal. Click here to learn how.

2. Filter by song status. In the 'Pitched songs' tab you can also sort by status by clicking the table header.

Search operators

Refine searches by applying and combining search operators in the search box



Operators for Pitches

Operators for Pitched Songs

songPitchStatus song
title  pitchTitle
project  songTitle
note  project
recipient  recipient
sender  sender
writer  company
recordingArtist  status
company  linkExpiration
linkExpiration  created
created  updated

AEditing pitches

Right-click on a pitch or a pitched song to display menu options. 

Right-click-pitch-menu-from-pitch-log.jpg Pitch options



Song performance options

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