Adding songwriting credits and splits

You can use Songspace to add songwriting credits, splits, and publishing details to songs. 

Unlike creative roles like producer or mixer, songwriting credits are a bit more complicated in that they can involve split percentages between co-writers, co-publishers, and more. 

Credits display in the header of the project.

You can view and edit songwriting and publishing credits and splits in the Publishing Information tab of your song project. They'll display in the Publishing info section of the song's page as well.

Crediting vs. giving edit or view access

You can to credit anyone involved in your song, including people that are not on Songspace. 

Crediting a person is sometimes different than adding a member to a song project. For example, if you wanted to give your manager access to a song, you could give them view or edit access without crediting them. On the other hand, you might want to credit someone as a songwriter on a song without granting them access. Maybe they're not on Songspace yet, or maybe you just don't want them to access the song.

Crediting with edit or view access

One way to credit a person as a songwriter is to assign them a Songwriter role while adding them as a member to the song project. 

Hover over the + button in the header and choose Add to Song Project.

From the modal, start typing to search and find the person you want to add from your network. 

Assign them the role of Songwriter, and click Add to Song.

They'll be credited in the Publishing Information section of your project. 

Credit Only: crediting without granting access

You can use Credit Only to credit a contact from your network without giving that person access to the project. Assigning Credit Only status doesn't require the person you're crediting to be on Songspace. If the person is on Songspace, your credit is added privately, and simply references their information. They won't be notified.

You can credit someone using Credit Only, hover over the + button in the header and choose Credit Only. 

From the modal, start typing to search and find or create the person you want to add from your network. Assign them the role of Songwriter, and click Credit on Project.

Adding & editing splits

You can add and edit songwriting splits from the Publishing Information section of your song project, but it's important to note that you don't have to add a split in order to credit the songwriters. You can leave the split percentage form empty. Splits refer to what percentage of 100 a songwriter owns. 

You can also choose whether you want to manually enter splits or have Songspace calculate them evenly

Creating & adding publishing agreements

If the songwriters you're crediting have publishing companies, you can click Add Publishers to select or create a new publishing agreement for the person. 

If the person already has existing publishing agreements associated with their contact, select the one you want to use and click Done.

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