How do I add or invite collaborators to a playlist folder?

You can add collaborators, team members, bandmates, or anyone else to a playlist as a playlist member. Members can either view or edit a folder's contents depending on the access that they are originally granted when added. Here's how to add a playlist member:

1. Click the More / 3 dots button that is located above your playlist and select Member Settings. 


2. In the Playlist Folder Members modal, select Add Another Member.


3. From the Add Member to Playlist modal, start typing a name to select an existing contact from your network or type an e-mail address to invite someone from outside of your network.

4. Then select whether you want them to have edit or view access to the playlist.


5. Click Add to Playlist

Note: This playlist will show up in the newly added member's Shared With Me - to learn more, click here.


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