How to import voice memos or music memos to the Songspace app

You can import files to the Songspace mobile app directly from audio apps on iOS. This is great for backing up voice or music memos that you've saved on your phone's hard drive. 

Here's how:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open up your audio app of choice. 

  2. Click the share button on the audio file that you wish to upload.

  3. Click the More button.

  4. Click the toggle next to Songspace to give the audio app access to the Songspace app. 

  5. Hit Done.

  6. Click the Songspace button. 

  7. If you'd like, rename the file.

  8. Choose between saving the file as a new song or idea or saving it to an existing song or idea.

  9. If you choose to save it to an existing song or idea, select the project that you would like to add it to, then click save.

    Your file has been added to Songspace!
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