How to import email recording attachments to the Songspace app

You can upload files directly to the Songspace app from attachments in your email. If you get ideas, demos, or final mixes via email, this feature is perfect for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open up the Mail app.

  2. Click-and-hold the audio file attachment.

  3. Click the More button.

  4. Click the toggle next to Songspace to give us access to the app.

  5. Hit Done.

  6. Click the Songspace button.

  7. Rename the file if you'd like.

  8. Choose between saving the file as a new song or idea or saving it to an existing song or idea.


  9. If you choose to save it to an existing song, select the project that you would like to add it to, then click save.

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