How do I control what shows up on my public profile page?

You have complete control over what shows up on your profile page. You can pick which songs appear in your Featured Music section, your profile image, your display name, genres, industry roles, location, and any other information you decide to enter about yourself!  

You can also have links to your website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud accounts.

Here's how to view your profile page:

1. Click your profile image in the top right and click View Profile

2. Now you can see your profile page. To make changes, click the Edit Profile button.

3. After clicking the Edit Profile button, you can make changes to your profile image, profile name, location, industry roles, background image, social links, Point of Contact, genres, About section, and Featured Music.   

Here are some helpful links on how to control what shows up on your profile page:


Once you are completely done editing your profile, click the Done button.

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