Getting your catalog into Songspace

So you’ve signed up and possibly upgraded - now you’re ready to get your catalog loaded into your account. Below is an outline of the most efficient steps in manually onboarding your catalog.

NOTE: If you are a business and are interested in onboarding assistance, please contact team will analyze your data & assets to see if/how your catalog can be ingested via our backend process. Our ability to assist, along with the quote, is dependent upon how you have everything organized, the format that your data is in, and the size of your catalog.

Folder Structure

1.  Creating a folder structure before uploading any of your catalog will allow you to import directly into that structure. For example, say you’re about to upload all of the music related to the writer ‘Billy Jean’ - it’s easiest to create a playlist folder titled ‘Billy Jean’ and then upload everything into that folder. You can always transfer everything into folders after you’ve uploaded it, but it will save you some time to create those folders beforehand.

2.  People typically mirror the organizational outline of where they currently store lyrics, recordings, etc. (Dropbox, Box, iTunes, hard drive, etc.) The most common folder structure we’ve come across is having a playlist folder for each writer/artist/band/producer with subfolders underneath if applicable (usually for individual albums or projects, years, etc.)

Bulk Upload Recordings

1.  Once you’ve created your folder structure, you can begin creating song projects within those folders. The most efficient way to do this is via our Bulk uploader.

You can either:

  • Drag & drop your recordings onto the screen and they’ll begin uploading, or
  • Select the orange + button and select Add recordings...


Note: while your recordings are uploading, you can also search for and upload recordings from other sources like Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and box. Or you can add recordings from these sources directly to the song projects that you've already created.


2.  Once your uploads are finished processing, click Continue in the bottom corner. 

NOTE: Anything you upload to Songspace is automatically converted into a 192 KBs MP3. The original file is also stored.

If you’ve uploaded more than 1 recording then you have a few options:

  • Create a song project for each recording. By default (if no action is taken), a song will be created out of each recording that's uploaded. You do not need to do anything for this behavior to take place.
  • Combine recordings into one song.​ For example, if you uploaded the primary recording, instrumental, female vocal, demo, etc. for the same song, you would select this option to add all of these recordings to the same song project. To do this, select the recordings and click the "Add to existing song" button. You will then be prompted to type in the name of the song - click "Create" and save your applied changes.



To learn how to edit all of these new songs efficiently, click here.

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