How to set default contact information for songs and playlists

To help you work more efficiently, you can set default contact information for playlists that you share.  

This setting applies the default contact information to any playlist share that doesn't already have contact information added.

This information also writes to the iTunes grouping or work name field on Songspace MP3s depending on your iTunes version.  Now all songs you send out will automatically have this information populate on Songspace converted MP3s.

For Creator and Business users, this information will be applied to all playlists that are pitched unless otherwise specified during the pitch creation process.  To learn more about creating a pitch and how to control what information is displayed, click here.

Note: To learn more about a Creator or Business subscription, click here.

Here's how to set these features for your account:

1.  Click the profile image in the top right of your browser and select the Account Settings option.

2.  In your Account Settings, you will see the Defaults section.


Playlist Contact Information

To add default Playlist contact information, click the edit pencil.

After clicking the edit pencil, enter the information and click the Save button.




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