How do I use the songs tab?

The Songs tab is where all of the songs that live in the catalog or playlist that you are viewing live.


Searching songs

The search bar in the songs tab allows you to search for songs within the catalog or playlist folder you're currently viewing. To learn more about searching your catalog, click here.

Sorting songs

You can sort the songs by Title, Artist, Modified date, Date added, Creation date, Released date, ISRC, UPC, BPM, and Album.

To sort by a column, click the column header to sort the songs.


Once you've selected the column header that you'd like to sort your catalog by, you can click the column header again to make the songs appear in ascending or descending order. Here is an example of what that arrow would look like if I decided to sort my songs by Title:


Accessing song projects

To open a song project you can click the song title or double click anywhere on the song.

Song options

You can perform a lot of song tasks without actually going into the song project itself.

These options can be accessed by right-clicking on a song or selecting multiple songs which will make the catalog toolbar will appear above. You can select multiple songs by clicking the square next to Customize Display button (this will select all of the songs on the page) OR by command-clicking the songs that you'd like to edit at the same time.

Here are the options for a single song:

  • Edit song
  • Pitch song
  • Share song
  • Details
  • Rename
  • Add to folder
  • Make Public/Private
  • Mark as seen (where applicable)
  • Remove from playlist (where applicable)
  • Delete

Here are the options for multiple songs:

  • Bulk edit songs
  • Pitch songs
  • More
    • Add to folder
    • Make Public
    • Make Private
    • Mark as seen
    • Remove from playlist (where applicable)
    • Delete

Note: The Pitch Song option only appears for Creator and Business users. To learn more about upgrading your plan, click here.

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