How do I add tags & genres in the bulk editor?

The bulk editor allows you to add edit tags and genres on selected songs without having to open up each and every song project in your playlist. This feature in the bulk editor allows you to add new tags and genres to songs without affecting the existing tags and genres.

1. Select the songs you wish to edit by command+clicking them.

2. Click the pencil icon that appears in the catalog toolbar to open the bulk editor.


3.  From here you have 2 options:

    • Bulk actions:​ If you want to apply a tag or genre to all of the songs you’ve selected, you’ll want to click the tag icon in the top right.   

      • From here you can choose to Add Tags and Genres.


      • Add tags & genres will add any tags and genres to all songs in the bulk editor.

      • Be sure to click the Save button in the bottom right to apply the changes.
    • Individual songs: Hove over the song you wish to edit and click the tag icon. Be sure to click the Save button in the bottom right corner before moving to the next song.


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