How do I set the iTunes artist, album, release date, and year?

Song Name, Artist, Album, Year

Artist, Album, and Year are all fields that are edited on the recording of a song project and the release that the recording is associated to.

To edit a recording, click the more / 3 dots button next to it and select Edit recording...


After clicking Edit, you will be able to set the following fields + more.


To set artist, album, release date, and year, you'll need to associate a Release to the recording. You'll need to change the recording type to Master (Commercial Release) in order to associate a Release.

To set the artist, make sure add a Release artist.

The album name will be pulled from the Release title.

To set the release date, add a release date to the Release you created.

To set the year, add a release year to the Release you created.


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