How do I edit recording metadata on song projects?

One way to edit recording metadata is to do it within the song project. If you're working on a particular song project and want to make sure that everything is perfect before sharing it, then this is the most efficient way to do that.

Here's how to edit recording metadata on a song project:

1.  Click on the song title in your catalog or playlist folder to open the song project.

2.  Click the more / 3 dots button on a recording and then click Edit recording... This will allow you to edit the fields relative to that individual recording.


3.  From here you can edit fields like Title, Artist, Original record label, Current record label, ISRC, BPM, Release, and more. Be sure to click the Save button before moving on to the next song.

Note: In order to save the file successfully, you must fill out the Title field.



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