How do I set my public profile background image?

Your background image is the image that appears in your header background. It just adds a little more character to your profile so that it can reflect you better.

Here's how to set your background image:

1. Click your profile image in the top right and click View Profile.  

2. Now you can see your public profile. To make changes, click the Edit Profile button.

3. After clicking the Edit Profile button, you can make changes to your profile. To change your background image, click the camera icon on the bottom right of your name and roles.

4.  After clicking the camera icon, you can drag & drop an image or browse your computer for the image you want by clicking the arrow.

Note: For best results, the optimal upload size of 1440px x 270px.


5. After your image uploads, and you're happy with the image, click the Done button.

Note: We do not crop background images.



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