How do I reset my password on the mobile app?

If you're logging into the Mobile app and can't remember your password, no problem.  You can reset your password from your phone. 

Here's how to reset your password on your phone:

1.  Open the Mobile app and press Reset Your Password on the Login screen.

2.  After pressing Reset Your Password, you can enter your Username or Email and press the Submit button.

3.  After pressing the Submit button, you will see a screen saying that the email has been sent.

4.  Now that the email is sent, open your Mail app on your phone and open the Reset Password link with the Songspace app.

5.  After clicking the Reset Password link, enter a new password, confirm password, and press Reset.

6.  If your password and password confirmation are valid, then you will see a Password Changed success screen and you will be able to access your catalog.

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