How do I share multiple files?

The only way to share multiple files with someone is to add them to a playlist and then send them that playlist.  

Here's how to set up your playlist with files and share it:

1. Click the playlist name that you want to share so that you will be taken to that specific playlist.

2. Drag & drop files onto the screen OR use the Upload files option from the + button menu.

3. Once you've uploaded your files, you can view them in the Files tab. Here, you can choose whether you want the files to be public or private. Private files will not appear on the share link page. To set the file privacy, right-click on the file and click Make Public or Make Private.

4.  After choosing which files should be public or private, you can click the Share button from the top bar.

5.  From here, you can get your share link and choose to allow downloading if you'd like.  

Note: All shares will include any public files attached to the playlist.  To control whether or not you can display files, you need access to pitching.

6. Click the Copy button and send the link anywhere.  Files will appear on the bottom of the playlist page.


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