How can I view my tracked pitch without impacting the stats?

If you view the tracked pitch link that you have created, any actions you take with that link (viewing it, playing something on it, or downloading something from it) will be added as stats to that pitch in your pitch log. This is because Songspace does not have a way of determining whether or not you're the intended recipient.

Now you can view the pitch as the recipient would without adding any stats to the pitch - here's how:

New pitches

1) When you have completed curating your pitch and have created the link, you will see this modal:


2) Select Click above for untracked preview to view the pitch without adding any stats to it. 

Existing pitches

1) Go to your pitch log.

2) Right-click a pitch and select View pitch.

You can also preview your pitch - to learn how, click here.

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