How do I create a project?

If you're not familiar with projects within Songspace, click here to learn more.

There are several ways to create a new project - one may be more helpful than the others depending on your typical workflows when pitching and keeping track of statuses. Here are all of the ways in which you can create a project:

Via Project Mgmt

1.Go to Project Mgmt

2. Click the orange + button

3. Click the New project... option


4. Fill out the fields in the modal that appears. The Project field is the only required field - every other field is optional.


5. Once you're done filling out all of the fields that you can, click Create Project.

6. Once the project has been created, you have the option of creating a pitch, which will associate that pitch to the new project. If you'd like to do that, just click the Create pitch option and create a pitch as you normally would.



Adding a status to a song

1. Go to a song project and click the status flag located under the song's title.


2. Click New Project to create a new project to associate to the status that you're adding to the song.


3. Fill out the fields for the new project and click Save.


Via pitch creation or pitch edit

If you're unclear on the various ways in which you can create a pitch, click here to learn more.

1. Create a pitch as you normally would.

2. In the pitch creation modal that appears, click New Project.


3. Fill out the fields for the new project and click Save.

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