Notifications on the Songspace app help keep you up to date on your catalog while you're on the go. To learn how to set your preferences on what types of notifications you get, check out this article.

Note: you will need to access Songspace via a desktop to change your notification preferences.

Mobile-Home---pointing-to-Notifications.jpg To access your notifications on the Songspace app, click the notifications / bell icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

This will show you all of your notifications from the last 90 days, both unread and read.

If someone has shared a song or a playlist folder with you, you can click on that notification to preview that song or playlist folder.

Mobile_mark_notification_as_read.jpg To mark a notification as read, click & hold the notification and then click Mark as read.
Mobile-Notifications-click-mark-all-as-read-button.jpg You can also mark all of your unread notifications as read by clicking the Mark all notifications as read icon in the top-right corner.


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