Sorting your catalog

Sorting your songs in the Songspace app helps you to better visualize your catalog and makes it easier for you to find songs that you're looking for. You can sort songs in any catalog or playlist folder. Here's how:

Songs_section_of_playlist_folder.jpg 1) While viewing a catalog or playlist folder, scroll down to the Songs section.
Click-sort-button-for-songs-in-a-playlist-folder.jpg 2) Click the sort button to view your sorting options.

3) Click on the category that you'd like to sort your songs by - you can choose Modified date, Song title, or Artist.

In playlist folders, you also have the option to sort your songs by Manual order - to learn how to manually reorder songs in a playlist folder, click here.

4) The first click of a category will automatically sort your songs in descending order. If you'd like to sort your songs in ascending order, simply click the category again

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