Searching your catalog

With the Songspace app, you have your entire catalog with you wherever you go. If you're trying to find a specific song, you can use the search function to locate it. Here's how: 


1) Click the search icon at the bottom of the screen.


2) In the Search songs & playlist folders field, type whatever you're looking for.

You can also see your most recent searches in the Recent section - if you'd like to run one of those searches again, simply click on it.

Additionally, you can select from a list of Search presets, including Songs added today, Songs I've written, Assets I've created, and This month's releases. Click on any of those presets to perform that search.


3) If you use the search bar to type your search, any relevant results will return below as you type.

This will show you all relevant search results from all of your catalogs and playlist folders. 


You can also perform a local search directly within a catalog or playlist folder, which will only return results within that catalog or playlist folder.

To do that, simply open the catalog or playlist folder and click on the search bar below the title.

Start typing the name of the song or playlist folder that you are looking for and click Search on your keyboard.

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