Shared with me

Your Shared with me houses all of the playlist folders and songs that you've been added to as a member. You can preview any playlist folder or song that you've been shared on and add those directly to your catalog. 

Click-on-Shared-with-me-from-home-screen.jpg To access your Shared with me, scroll down to the bottom of your home screen.

This will open your Shared with me. 

A) Click this button to mark all of these new shares as "seen", which will remove the orange dot from any newly shared items.

B) You can filter the shared items by people who are from your network or from new people.

C) You can also sort the shared items by Share date, Shared by, and Item title.


To add any item to your catalog or to remove the item from your Shared with me, click the more / 3 dots button to the right of the shared asset.


To move the song or playlist folder to your catalog, click Move to primary catalog. To remove the song or playlist folder from your Shared with me and reject the share, click Remove item


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