Understanding Releases

Releases in Songspace allow you and your team to keep track of all of the information related to each Release that you may be party to directly within your account. You can associate a Release directly to any new or existing recording in your account. 

You can associate images, tags, genres, product information, IDs and more to any Release in your catalog. Additionally, each catalog in your account has its own Releases tab so that you can easily access them whenever you need to.

When creating a Release, you are prompted to fill out a few fields. Here's what they mean:

  • Release title: The title of the Release you're creating.
  • Release artist: The artist associated to the Release.
  • Label: The label associated to the Release.
  • Preferred UPC/EAN: The UPC/EAN associated to the Release (you are also able to associate other UPC/EANs to a Release - this is the main preferred one).
  • Original release date: The original release date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Original release year: The year of the original release.
  • Track sequence: The track sequence number of the recording on the Release.
  • Total tracks: The total number of tracks on a release.


Once the Release is created, there will be additional fields for you to fill out if you'd like via the edit view of that Release (see this support article to learn how to edit a Release). Below is a list of the additional fields available on a Release:

  • Release is explicit: A checkbox that allows you to signify whether or not the Release is explicit.
  • Genres: Genres associated to the Release from a pre-populated list.
  • Tags: Tags associated to the Release - you can add any tag you'd like.
  • Tracks: Any track associated to the Release - you can drag & drop any new recordings into the list or you can click the + button to select one from your catalog or another source like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, or Box.
  • Catalog number: The catalog number associated to the Release.
  • Format: The format of the Release - you can select from Album, EP, Single, Multi Album, Boxed Set, Video Album, Video Single, Audio Stream, Video Stream, and Live Performance.
  • Total discs: The number of discs in the Release.
  • Territory: The included or excluded Territories for the Release. You can add as many as you'd like. If your Release is available Worldwide, simply select to Include Worldwide. 
  • Additional IDs: Any additional IDs associated to the Release - Custom ID, Product/Catalog #, UPC/EAN, GRiD, and ICPN.
  • Release notes: Any background information or notes you'd like to store within the Release.
  • Release description: A description of the Release for your benefit.


You can also filter your Releases directly within the Releases tab of any catalog or by using Global search. Additionally, you can pitch a Release either directly from the Release page or you can add a Release to a pitch you're working on - click here to learn how to do that.

Now that you have a better understanding of Releases in Songspace, click here to learn how to create one.

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